Hotel Electronic Wireless Card Reader Door Lock
Hotel Electronic Wireless Card Reader Door Lock
Hotel Electronic Wireless Card Reader Door Lock
Hotel Electronic Wireless Card Reader Door Lock

Item specifics

Aluminium Alloy
Unlock Way
Card Type
T5557(125 kHz) / M1 (13.56 MHz)
Lock Mortise
ANSI Standard
Working Voltage
DC6V (4pcs AA batteries)
Mechanical Key
2 pcs / Lock
Door Thickness



Purchasing Guide For Hotel Lock System

Must-Have Items:

1. Hotel Door Lock -- 1 piece for each door.

2. Key Card Encoder -- 1 piece for each project. Used to program key cards and configure locks.

3. RFID Key Card -- 3 to 5 pieces for each lock. Used to unlock and for lock managing.

4. Management Software -- Provided by us for free

Optional Items:

1. Energy Saving Switch -- 1 piece / room. Insert key card to gain power, take it out to cut off power, save powe for hotel.

2. Data Collector -- 1 piece / project. Used to collector door-opening history data (Who/when/how) from the lock.

3. Door Guard Chain -- 1 piece for each door.

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Inductive Card to Unlock
T5557 125 KHz RFID card or M1 13.56 MHz  card. Responding time: 0.3s.  Convenient and durable. 

Concealed Keyhole
Prevent damaging from external hardware. Not only safe, but also good-looking. 

Battery Powered

4 pcs alkaline AA batteries, last for 7-10 months 

Aluminium Alloy Material

PVD vacuum plating process for the surface, anti-corrosion, not easy to fade, elegant and beautiful.

Dissociative Handle

The handle will be disconnected from the internal part of the hotel card reader door lock after door is locked,

which could prevent lockpicking and effectively protecting the mechanical parts of the lock. 

Door-Closing Remind
If forget to close door or if door is not closed completely, there will be “Di-Di” sound to remind you close it.

Automatic Locking
After door is opened and handle is released, the hotel card reader door lock will lock itself automatically.

If reading card but not open the door, the lock will lock itself automatically in 6 seconds.

ANSI Standard Mortise

Linked-five-latches structure. Reliable and stable performance.

Anti-Plug Function

Prevent people trying to open the door illegally with business cards, ID card, etc.