Glass Touch Panel Dimmer Light Switch For Also LED Lamp

Group Wall Dimmer Switch
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2019-08-08

1. Capacitive Touch Screen: Sensitive, fashion and high grade.

2. High Power: For Up to 1000W tungsten filament bulbs (incandescent lamps) and adjustable LED light.

3. Different Panel ColorTo fit your hotel / home style.

4. Modular Design: You can choose and combine function keys according to your actual need. (Refer to pictures below)

5. Tempered Glass Panel: Crystal clear, no deformation and discoloration.

6. With Backlight Indicator: The icon on the lamp dimmer switch is very clear.

7. Easy Wiring: Supplying power by live line and null line, the lamp dimmer switch can be apply to all kinds of lights.

8. Easy Installation: International 86 bottom box design, suitable for hotel, factory, apartment, office, etc.

9. ABS Fireproof Materials: Completely packaged circuit board, in line with international fire-protection standard.

10. IC Controlled: Durable and energy saving performance.