Hotel Mini Bar 30L Fridge For Cold Drinks
Hotel Mini Bar 30L Fridge For Cold Drinks
Hotel Mini Bar 30L Fridge For Cold Drinks

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Dimension: 400*400*485mm

Capacity: 30L

Temperature Range: 5~15°C

Refrigeration Method: Semiconductor Refrigeration

Rated Voltage: 220V/50HZ

Total Power: 55W

Power Consumption: 0.5KW.H/24H

Net Weight: 9.9kg (12.7kg with glass door)

Gross Weight: 12.7kg (13.5kg with glass door)

Bottle size: φ6.5cm  Height: 17cm

Shelf is adjustable and removable.

Environmentally Friendly: No refrigerant, no secondary pollution.

Low Noise: No compressor involved with this hotel mini fridge refrigerator, no mechanical movement. Noise < 38DB during normal operation.

Accurate Temperature Control: This hotel mini fridge refrigerator using fuzzy electronic linear temperature control technology, the cooling power is controlled by the temperature inside the mini bar at any time.

Temperature Control Range: 5 -15 °C. Users can adjust it according to temperature and power consumption requirements

Simple Structure: With semiconductor electric cooling system, the maintenance of this hotel mini fridge refrigerator is very easy.

Big Capacity: No complex and huge refrigeration system involved, the hotel mini bar is small in outer size but big in internal capacity.