Wired Electro Mechanical Striking Doorbell For Hotel Guest Room

Group Door Bell
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2019-07-04
Room Number Plate (DND) System

This doorbell is powered by AC 220V, making a "Ding-Dong" ring sound by mechanical action inside, to notify the host that visitor is coming.


Everytime when you press doorbell switch once, there will be a "Ding-Dong" ring sound, which is sweet and soft, and with a lasting lingering sound.


This door bell also has abnormal state protection function. If someone press and hold the switch for long time or press continuously for 20-30 times, it will stop working for 5-10 minutes, then recover.

⇒ Ultra-fine copper on circuit board replacing external safety tube to increase stability and prevent wrong circuit.


⇒ 1.8mm thick steel plate, making clearer ringing sound.


⇒ Electroplating knock hammer, keep the surface with no discoloration and rust, the sound of the impact is clearer, stable and durable.