Automatic Human Body Motion Sensor Infrared Switch For Light And Fan
Automatic Human Body Motion Sensor Infrared Switch For Light And Fan



※ For automatic lighting in places like corridors, bathrooms, basements, garages, etc.

※ For automatic exhausting of the exhaust fan.

※ For automatic on/off control of electrical equipment and anti-theft function.

Lamps in washroom or corridor can be dual-side controlled by touch (or push button) switch and infrared sensor switch.


This system sets an infrared switch in washroom or corridor, and setting corresponding regular light switch outside washroom. When guest enter the infrared sensor area, the corresponding light turns on, which fit in people's normal life habit. After guest left washroom, the infrared sensor switch can not detect people, a few minutes later(adjustable), it will disconnecting the corresponding light and equipment, so as to avoiding unnecessary power waste after guest left.

1. Unipolar Design: It can directly replace the regular wall switches you are using. (2 wire connection)

2. Fully Automatic Detection: The switch turns on immediately when people get close to it and automatically turn off within 16s~350s (adjustable) after people left.

3. Automatic Light Metering: By photosensitive control, it will not sense people during the day or when the light is strong (factory setting). It can also be adjusted to sense people in any light or to sense during all day. If people are active in the sensing range, the switch is always on. Until people left, it will turn off automatically.

4. Adjustable Delay Time of Turning Off: 16S~350S

⇒ Working Voltage: DC5/12V AC110/220V

⇒ Working Temperature: -20℃ ~50 ℃

⇒ Self Power Consumption: < 0.5W

⇒ Load Type: Incandescent lamp, Energy saving lamp, LED light, exhaust fan

⇒ Load Power: Resistive Load-1000W, Inductive Load-100W

⇒ Light Control Range (Adjustable): 2Lux - 500Lux ± 20 % (Factory Default: 2Lux)

⇒ Off Time Delay(Adjustable):16 seconds~350 seconds±30% (Factory Default: 16 seconds ±30%)

⇒ Size:φ90mm or 80*86mm

⇒ Sensing Range: