Hotel Room Door Security Guard Chain Lock With Swing Arm Bar Latch

Group Door Chain
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2019-07-01
Purchasing Guide For Hotel Lock System

Must-Have Items:

1. Hotel Door Lock -- 1 piece for each door.

2. Key Card Encoder -- 1 piece for each project. Used to program key cards and configure locks.

3. RFID Key Card -- 3 to 5 pieces for each lock. Used to unlock and for lock managing.

4. Management Software -- Provided by us for free

Optional Items:

1. Energy Saving Switch -- 1 piece / room. Insert key card to gain power, take it out to cut off power, save powe for hotel.

2. Data Collector -- 1 piece / project. Used to collector door-opening history data (Who/when/how) from the lock.

3. Door Guard Chain -- 1 piece for each door.


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Multi-Layer Electroplating: Wear resistant and anti-scraping. Anti-corrosion and beautiful.


Three-Gear Positioning: Using groove & ball three-gear positioning, reduce friction.The rotation is more flexible and smooth.


Integrated Molding: One-time forming, seamless process, stronger impact resistance, no-deformation and discoloration.


Thickened Solid Base: Not easy to fall off, stronger and securer.


Multi-Hole Fixation: Make the anti-theft buckle stronger, not easy to loose and fall off.


High-Quality Zinc Alloy: Anti-impact, no-rusting, durable

Available Situation:

The drop between door and door frame: ≤0.5cm

Unavailable Situation:

The drop between door and door frame: >0.5cm