RFID Key Card For Hotel Room Digital Door Lock

Group Key Card
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2019-07-01
Purchasing Guide For Hotel Lock System

Must-Have Items:

1. Hotel Door Lock -- 1 piece for each door.

2. Key Card Encoder -- 1 piece for each project. Used to program key cards and configure locks.

3. RFID Key Card -- 3 to 5 pieces for each lock. Used to unlock and for lock managing.

4. Management Software -- Provided by us for free

Optional Items:

1. Energy Saving Switch -- 1 piece / room. Insert key card to gain power, take it out to cut off power, save powe for hotel.

2. Data Collector -- 1 piece / project. Used to collector door-opening history data (Who/when/how) from the lock.

3. Door Guard Chain -- 1 piece for each door.


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1. Swipe card to open door  

2. Insert card into energy saving switch to gain power

※ You Logo and hotel information can be printed on the card. (Silk Printing)

※ If quantity ≥200 pcs, printing service is for free.

 If you want to laser engrave room number on the card, MOQ: 500 pcs.

※ You can design the artwork by yourself, or send us your logo and related information and we design it for you.