4 Reasons Why Your Hotel Phone is Necessary

4 Reasons Why Your Hotel Phone is Necessary


The Future of The Hotel Telephone

4 Reasons Why Your Hotel Phone is Necessary
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The Future of The Hotel Telephone

As of October 2014, 64% of Americans own a smart phone and in January 2014, the Pew Research Center conducted another study which found out 90% of Americans own a cell-phone. These numbers are quite staggering considering in 2011, only 35% of Americans owned a smart phone. 
What has this meant for your hotel and motel? Decreased Revenue. 
With the majority, almost two-thirds of the country able to access their emails, watch videos, and make phone calls on their smart phones, the hotel telephone has become forgotten. Not to mention, guests can make international calls right on their telephones via Skype, eliminating the hefty prices charged when using a hotel phone to call long distance.
So as a hotel and motel why do you still need telephones in every guest room?

1. Call for Emergency
Plain and simple, it is imperative for your guests to have the ability to call for emergency situations. As hoteliers, you may remember reading about the petition to end using a “9” for outbound calls first before dialing the intended number. Read more here. Make sure to have a sign or an indicator to dial emergency numbers next to your phone to avoid complications. Many hotel owners are now programming their phone systems with the number “8” and having a direct number for 9-11(or other emergency numbers). In a panic, many guests will not remember to dial an extra “9” unless proper instructions beside or on the phone tell them differently. If your establishment does not have a telephone in the bathroom, considering installing a phone next to the toilet. For people of all ages, slipping and falling is prone to happen in the bathroom. Also, where is the first place people go when sick? The bathroom. We would like to offer our custom telephone face plates options, which can be tailored to your hotel and motel’s specific needs.

2. Guests Need to Reach the Front Desk
Guests expect a direct line to the concierge desk rather than fumbling to find the number to dial on their cell-phones. Having an immediate line to the front desk is reassuring to guests and can lead to higher customer satisfaction ratings. The front desk should welcome calls requesting recommendations for entertainment and dining!

3. Elderly Guests Depend on it
For Baby Boomers(1946-1964) and even for the Silent Generation (1925-1945), the technological changes have happened so fast that many have not adopted smart phones, laptops, or even regular cell-phones. From experience, some grandparents and parents are very modern and hip, while others avoid technology like the plague. For their interest, it is necessary to have an in-room telephone to cover all the demographic requirements of your hotel and motel.

4. Reliability
Your guests may forget or misplace their phone chargers, leaving them with a dead phone. Your guest room phone eliminates any worry they won’t be able to make a phone call for personal or business reasons. An advantage of having a corded phone is that all your phones power comes directly from the phone line. Unless your hotel operates with cordless phones, you don’t have to worry about changing out batteries regularly!
Eproer Guest Room Phones
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Date of occurrence:2019-5-10