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What kind of card can be used for your RF cabinet lock?

 By default, the lock works with 125KHz ID card. 13.56MHz Mifare card lock also available.

What's kind of RFID card can be used for your hotel card key switch?

Our hotel card key switch works with Low-frequency (125KHz) card such as Temic 5557 card, or High-frequency (13.56MHz ) card such as M1 card. 

Will you send me free card if I buy Hotel Power Card Switch?

No, card is not included. You need to buy card separately. Normally, card is purchased together with hotel door lock. The card can not only open door, but also turn on hotel room power by pluging it into the hote power card switch.

Do I need to use encoder to program keys to the card locker lock?

You can program keys on the lock directly. No software and encoder involved.

How to supply power to the Sensor Locker Lock?

The sensor locker lock is powered by 4pcs AA Batteries, last 5-10 months normally.If low Voltage (All locks we supply have an external power port on it. If battery totally exhausted, connect a battery case with 4 pcs AA battery, then unlock. You don't have to destroy the locker/cabinet if battery dead.You can also use a  transformer to transform your city power (AC) to DC (6V) to supply power to all locks centrally.

Is master key available for the card cabinet lock?

Yes, it is available. You can program a master key to open all locks, which is convenient for management.

Can your card cabinet locks be used for public?

Yes. Our digital smart cabinet locks have 2 working modes. It can be used for both private place (home,hotel room, office,etc) and public place (swimming pool, gym, supermarket,etc).

How to set login password of the hotel card lock management software?

Note: Remember the password and keep it safe. If you forget it, you have to re-install the hotel card lock management software.

How many languages are available for this hotel lock management software?

This software supports Chinese and English so far.  If you want to customize other language, we can send you the database to you, then you can translate it into your requested language, we will check it to see if it is workable. And you need to pay for the cost incurred.

What's the difference between low / high frequency hotel lock system?

1) Low-Frequency System: With 125KHz frequency chip, work with T5557 card.2) High-Frequency System: With 13.56MHz frequency chip, work with Mifare 1K card.Temic 5557 card: low-frequency card (125KHz), small storage space, short reading distance, mainly used for opening doors.Mifare 1k card: High-frequency card (13.56MHz), bigger storage space, longer reading distance, more sectors and multifunctional.※ If the key card is used only for opening door, T5557 card system will be enough.※ If the key card is for mutifunctional purpose instead of just opening door, such as for consumption system, parking system, access control system and so on, you need to choose Mifare 1K card system.PS: High-Frequency hotel lock system is US$5 higher than Low-Frequency hotel lock system. Appearance is the same.

Can all hotel door locks use the same mechanical key to unlock?

By default, customer will receive two mechanical keys for each hotel door lock.If you want all locks to share a same mechanical key, that is available.Please let us know in advance when placing order.

Can other suppliers' key card work with your RFID hotel lock?

No, can not.For security consideration, the key card is encrypted before shipped out, and different supplier have different encryption way,which means the lock, card encoder and key card should be from the same supplier. 

Can I print my logo on the key card?

Yes, your hotel logo and related information can be printed on the hotel lock key card. ( Silk Screen Printing). If card quantity more than 200 pieces, printing service is free.You can design the artwork by yourself, or send your logo and related information and we design it for you. Note: Different room numbers on different cards are not available, because each number involves screen plate cost. It is not worthwhile for you.

How To Transfer The Hotel Lock Program With Back Up To New PC?

Step 1:Find the hotel lock program's root folder named “proUSBHotelCardSystem”. (You can search with keyword "proUSBHotelCardSystem"  on your PC if you don't know where it is). In the file you can see the details as picture shows below: Step 2:Copy/Past the whole “proUSBHotelCardSystem” folder to the new PC Step 3:Connect card encoder to the new PC, put the master card on card encoder. (Program a master card on old PC if you don't have it) Step 4:Open the “proUSBHotelCardSystem” folder on new PC and double click the circled icon in the picture below to run the software, and register the card encoder. You will see all information has been transferred from the older PC to new PC.