【Hotel Door Lock】How To Transfer The Hotel Lock Program With Back Up To New PC?

Step 1:

Find the hotel lock program's root folder named “proUSBHotelCardSystem”. (You can search with keyword "proUSBHotelCardSystem"  on your PC if you don't know where it is). In the file you can see the details as picture shows below:

Step 2:

Copy/Past the whole “proUSBHotelCardSystem” folder to the new PC

Step 3:

Connect card encoder to the new PC, put the master card on card encoder. (Program a master card on old PC if you don't have it)

Step 4:

Open the “proUSBHotelCardSystem” folder on new PC and double click the circled icon in the picture below to run the software, and register the card encoder. You will see all information has been transferred from the older PC to new PC.

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